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Electrical Boiler

For some specific heating applications, primarily flats or small homes where gas or oil is not available, then the best choice is probably an electrical boiler. Electrical hot water central heating may be the most expensive in terms of running costs, but it does have advantages:

the electrical boiler can be situated almost anywhere within your home as there is no flue to consider as there is with gas or oil, secondly it is very efficient in converting electrical energy to heat (almost 100%) and thirdly, there is no ongoing annual maintenance requirement.

The best advantage in tariff terms for this type of heating is the Economy 10 tariff.  Not all energy suppliers offer this and you would be well advised to check this with your energy/electricity supplier.

You are likely to require an electrical inspection of your supply to check it has the necessary capacity and, if it has, you will have to have an Economy 10 meter fitted. Please note that it is likely that there will be charges associated in doing this.

However, our advice and estimates are free.